Important News

Re-Organisation Statement

The area committee has released the following statement…

“Following the Midland Regional Committee Meeting on Saturday 24th March, it was agreed that a proposal to allow Regional Committees the ability to promote additional Bands to even out the numbers in sections,  be presented to the next Forum Meeting”

For information, this is a request that has been put several times before (probably from other Regions as well!) but its something our Bands are asking for.

8 thoughts on “Re-Organisation Statement”

  1. When is “the forum” and who/what does it consist of? Is the courage of the North West Region an example to be followed?

    1. Hi Alan,
      The forum consists of representatives of each area committee and Kapitol. The forum meeting was on 12th May
      As I’m sure you are aware, although each area is a stand alone contest the rules including those regarding promotion and relegation are defined by Kapitol and not the regional committee

  2. Earth calling Mother Ship……………anybody there to respond? Summer is upon us……… Players off to Universities and Colleges………. Autumn and winter plans under consuderstion, contest entries to consider, music to purchase…….. Time msrches inexorably on.

    1. Just remember Alan we are in the Midlands……with our own timespan…….the place where time stands still……….and dinosors live! 🙂 but I am sure the committe are working hard in the background!

    2. Hi Alan,
      Time marches on? -….The forum meeting was on 12th May. Until the forum had met and discussed the issue, there was no further news!
      You will see the update from the area in todays news

      If you have urgent enquiries, then the contact details for the Area Secretary are on this web site or can be obtained via your band secretary

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