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Midlands Area Committee statement re. Kapitol Promotions New Registry

Following the Midland Regional meeting held on the 3rd November at which the present Registration debacle was discussed at length, the Committee would like to make the following statement –


Firstly, we would stress that at no time was the opinion of the Midland Regional Committee sought by Kapitol Promotions before the setting up of the New Registry. Our first indication was a phone call the evening before the press release.


Secondly, the Midland Regional Secretary was not involved in, or had knowledge of, the recent conference call mentioned in the latest press release.


The owners of the Regional and National Championships are Kapitol Promotions and Regional Committees run their various contests on Kapitol Promotions behalf. We therefore have no alternative, if we are to continue to run the contests, than to comply with the latest rule change –


“The Regional Forum of the National Brass Band Championships of Great Britain this week voted to amend the ‘definitions’ and ‘Rule 17 (e)’ of National Rules so that, from 1 November 2012, the ‘Accredited Registries’ of the National Brass Band Championships of Great Britain are: ‘Brass Band Players Ltd. for bands based in England, The Scottish Registry for bands based in Scotland and The Welsh Registry for bands based in Wales.

Bands in the six English regions of the ‘National’ series must now immediately register with the new Brass Band Players registry. English bands failing to register with Brass Band Players Ltd. will not be eligible to compete in the Regional Championships or the National Finals.”


The Midland Committee will be writing to Kapitol Promotions listing it’s many concerns and a copy of this letter will be forwarded to Bands in the Midland Region shortly.

We therefore cannot give specific guidance to the Bands and can only refer them to Kapitol Promotions statement re. the new rule change.



Midland Regional Secretary

on behalf of the Midland Regional Committee

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