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Adjudicator Change 2014

The Midlands Regional Committee would like to announce that following Jermey Wise’s acceptance to adjudicate the Championship Section at the Midland Regional Contest, Jeremy now realises that he has a conflict of interest and has therefore understandably withdrawn from adjudicating the 2014 Championship Section. David Horsfield (pictured below) has kindly agreed to step in and will adjudicate the Championship Section with Brett Baker.

David HorsfieldBrett Baker

The confirmed adjudicators for 2014 are as follows:

Championship Section – Sunday 9th March p.m. (The Civic Hall)
David Horsfield & Brett Baker

First Section – Saturday 8th March (The Civic Hall)
David Lancaster & Ewan Easton

Second Section – Sunday 9th March a.m. (The Civic Hall)
Stephen Roberts & Ian Brownbill (Updated)

Third Section – Saturday 8th March (Nicholas Chamberlaine Technology College)
Stephen Roberts & Ian Brownbill (Updated)

Fourth Section – Sunday 9th March (Nicholas Chamberlaine Technology College)
Ewan Easton & David Lancaster

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