Important News

2023 Adjudicators announced

Venue: The Core Theatre, Corby Cube, Corby, Northants NN17 1QG

Championship Section – Sunday 26th February p.m.

Adjudicators – Stephen Roberts & Leigh Baker

First Section – Saturday 25th February p.m.

Adjudicators – Nicholas Garman & Anne Crookston

Second Section – Saturday 25th February a.m.

Adjudicators – Gary Davies & Sam Fisher

Third Section – Sunday 26th February a.m.

Adjudicators – Steve Pritchard Jones & Sam Fisher

Fourth Section – Saturdays 4th March

Adjudicators – Gary Davies & Steve Pritchard Jones

Important News

2023 Contest Dates Announced

The Midlands Regional Committee have announced that for 2023 the Regional Contest will again be held at The Core at Corby Cube, the dates will be as follows –

– Saturday 25th February – Second Section & First Section

– Sunday 26th February – Third Section & Championship Section

– Saturday 4th March – Fourth Section

Important News

Facets of Glass – Queries

A document detailing responses to the many queries sent in by bands, relating to the revised 2022 version of “Facets of Glass” has been provided to bands competing in the third section of this year’s regional competitions.

In sharing this document Kapitol Promotions have advised that there is now no further need for any correspondence with individual band members or conductors, advising ‘they have everything they need to produce their performance’.

Important News

2022 Adjudicators announced

Alan Fernie and David Hirst

The adjudicators for the Midlands Regional contest 2022 have been announced as follows.

Championship Section

Sunday 27th February p.m.

Adjudicators – Alan Fernie & David Hirst

First Section

Saturday 26th February p.m.

Adjudicators – Alan Morrison & Chris King

Second Section

Saturday 26th February a.m.

Adjudicators – Paul Norley & Alan Duguid

Third Section

Sunday 27th February a.m.

Adjudicators –  Chris King & Paul Norley

Fourth Section

Sunday 6th March

Adjudicators – Paul Norley & Alan Duguid