Third Section

1Raunds Temperance12361
2Pleasley Colliery Welfare434112
3Towcester Studio376163
4Stourport on Severn8.5ar5518.54
5City of Birmingham8.5av8.5ap2195
6Ratby Mid8.5ap14123.56
7Long Eaton1087257
8Daventry Brass1268268
9Ireland Colliery Chesterfield8.5av8.5ar12299
11Shipston Town8.5ap111130.511
12Cubbington Silver99143212=
13Arrow Valley71693212=
 No.of Bands (Playing)161615  
 Average Position8.58.58.0  
 No.of Bands (Prog)161615  

NOTE  –  (*)  –  Band did not play at the Contest

Please note that in accordance with the Grading Rules of the National Brass Band Championships of Great Britain, the 2022/23 Gradings for the Third Section are produced in the Table above. Accordingly –

Raunds Temperance & Pleasley Colliery Welfare|
are promoted to the Second Section from the 1st January 2023

Bakewell & Newhall
are to be relegated to the Fourth Section from the 1st January 2023

As Grading Rule (r) states, any band with a complaint about the way in which the Grading Rules have been applied to it can appeal to its relevant Regional Committee. Current Rules can be downloaded at 

Yours sincerely

Lesley Bentley

Regional Secretary – 077866 04552

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