Fourth Section

1Newark Town445131
2Thrapston Town Band1331172=
3WEM Jubilee863172=
5Corby Silver11ar56225
9Brackley & District2074318=
11Croft Silver910153411
12Fairfield Buxton614*16*3612
13Bretforton Silver Band714*16*3713=
15Coventry Festival1512134015
16Ilkeston Brass1214*16*4216=
17Whitwell Brass22*8124216=
18University of Warwick1414*16*4418
19Malvern Hills District1714*144519
20Kirkby Colliery Welfare1814*16*4820=
21Bilton Silver (Evolution) Band191316*4820=
22Moulton 772114*16*5122
 No of Bands (Played)211315  
 Average Position11.07.08.0  
 No.of Bands (Prog)221415  

NOTE  –  (*)  –  Band did not play at the Contest

Please note that in accordance with the Grading Rules of the National Brass Band Championships of Great Britain, the 2023/24 Gradings for the Fourth Section are produced in the Table above. Sherwood Forest Brass are removed from the table as they haven`t competed for 3 years.

The Kapitol Promotions National Rules, Appendix 1 e) state – `If two or more bands tie with equal second placing, then only the highest placed band in the current years results will be promoted` therefore

Newark Town & Thrapston Town

are promoted to the Third Section from the 1st January 2024

As Grading Rule (r) states, any band with a complaint about the way in which the Grading Rules have been applied to it can appeal to its relevant Regional Committee. Current Rules can be downloaded at

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