Fourth Section

2Trentham Brass10.5ar3215.52
4Corby Silver10.5av11ar526.54=
5Thrapston Town Band10.5ar (“)13326.54=
6Newark Town2044286
7Croft Silver10910297
9WEM Jubilee1786319
10Bretforton Silver Band10.5ar (“)714*31.510
11Fairfield Buxton14614*3411
13Coventry Festival815123512=
14Kirkby Colliery Welfare41814*3614
15Whitwell Brass722*83715
16University of Warwick111414*3916
17Brackley & District152074217
19Malvern Hills District131714*4419=
20Moulton 7792114*4419=
21Ilkeston Brass21*1214*4721
22Sherwood Forest Brass1222*14*4822
23Bilton Silver (Evolution) Band1919135123
 No of Bands (Played)202113  
 Average Position10.511.07.0  
 No.of Bands (Prog)212214  

NOTE   – ( ‘’ ) – New Band – first entered     

( * )  – Band did not play at the Contest.

Please note that in accordance with the Grading Rules of the National Brass Band Championships of

Great Britain, the 2022/23 Grading for the Fourth Section are produced in the Table above. Accordingly

Amington and Trentham Brass
are to be promoted to the Third Section from the 1st January, 2023

Porthywaen have been removed from the table as they haven’t competed for 3 years

As Grading Rule (r) states, any band with a complaint about the way in which the Grading Rules have been applied to it can appeal to its relevant Regional Committee. Current Rules can be downloaded at 

Yours sincerely,

Lesley Bentley – Regional Secretary

077866 04552

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